Change your mind to change your life

Grounded in contemporary neuroscience, our method for learning and change helps results-oriented executives think, feel and become better than they ever thought possible.


Our clients learn how to:

  • Look honestly at all facets of their impact

  • Fully appreciate and make the most of innate strengths

  • Feel more ease, fulfillment and fun in everyday life

  • Better coach, collaborate with, connect, empower and influence others

  • Invest time on the things that really matter

Together, we will get clarity on what's really going on, what's driving it, and how to get unstuck.


What distinguishes our method is that we help our clients change their way of thinking to change their way of being.

We want you to feel more ease, fulfillment and fun in everyday life.

We want you to make positive changes by improving your thinking.

We want you to be a positive force in your own lives and for your family, employees, company and community. 

Our Method

A researcher by trade and nature, Jenn’s coaching method helps people and organization make changes in their way of working and way of life by changing the way they think.

The process is simple, but it isn’t easy:

1. Confidence Start by getting to know and trust yourself exactly as you are today. Because how can you be honest with someone you don’t trust?

2. Clarity of purpose Get clear and focused on 2-3 changes that will make the biggest difference in your life, company and career and why. And we must ask the experts—the people who know you and your work the best.

3. Mindset Surface hidden mental agendas that could sabotage your efforts. Challenge your own assumptions. Create new ways of thinking in real time. 

4. Doing the next best thing. Tackle the big things by doing one small thing after another. Massive change happens as a series of small actions. Plan, practice, reflect. Repeat.

5. Resilience The best-laid plans are still, well, plans. Uncertainties, roadblocks and disappointments are part of life. Learn to sail through setbacks and get back on track when the inevitable happens.


SVP of Purchasing, Genoa Healthcare

Executive coaching from Jennifer has been an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience for me. If you are looking to enhance your leadership effectiveness, both professionally and personally, Jennifer has the tools and insight to help you unlock your potential. Take the opportunity to invest in yourself, with Jennifer's guidance, and not only will you reap the benefits personally, you will be able to make a greater impact within your organization and to those around you.


Director, Communications & Strategy at Center for Climate Integrity

Working with Jenn gave me clarity and confidence during a crucial moment of career transition. Her framework - that weaknesses are reflections of over-emphasizing strengths - enabled me to move past some long-standing roadblocks to professional development. I came away from the workshop with an action plan as well as a much-needed dose of candor about how much my team values me. I've applied the takeaways consistently and am very pleased with my progress.


Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase

I was one of the lucky few who got to benefit from Jennifer's leadership development program for women. Jenn is smart, personable and a phenomenal communicator. She was amazing at nailing down development goals for me based on my career objectives AND more importantly in working with to develop an action plan to get me there. I highly recommend working with her and I would love to work with Jenn again in the future.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Medication Management Solutions

Jennifer's work as an executive coach with me has been incredibly impactful to my professional development. She has helped me gain insight and unlock potential that has allowed me to develop as a leader and interact more effectively with colleagues and business partners. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking professional development, but especially fellow female executives.