Our culture is defined by our shared everyday habits.


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 We help companies develop a collective mindset around the values that best serve the organization's mission.

Some examples of the consulting work we do:

Developing a Coaching Culture
Companies with a coaching culture perform better on every important business metric. Let us teach the managers in your organization how to build trust, solve problems and inspire action in everyday conversations.


Building a Cohesive Leadership Team
Teams who trust each other are comfortable being open with each other; engage in productive ideological debate; feel a collective sense of ownership for goals; and understand and respect one another’s role and responsibilities.


Developing a More Inclusive Workplace
Our brain is hardwired to feel threatened. Unless every manager in your organization is actively including, they are likely to be accidentally excluding. Taking a brain-based perspective, we help companies measure inclusion, mitigate bias, and shift the right habits to create more everyday inclusion. 


Massive global change happens one leader at a time. Bring the change you want to see to your organization:

Women’s Leadership Intensive

a two-day transformative group coaching experience designed specifically to help women advance to senior management.

Keynotes and Workshops—


  • Mastering Mindset: Transform Your Way of Working and Way of Life

  • Coaching Skills for Managers: Build Trust, Solve Problems and Inspire Action in Everyday Conversations

  • Conquering Self-Doubt to Be a More Powerful Leader

  • Everyday Inclusion: Leadership Habits to Cultivate Diversity & Inclusion in Everyday Work Life

Keynotes + Workshops