Harvard Business Review Ladies Night

Diversity & Authenticity

Diversity & Authenticity

Think of this gathering as book club meets wine club meets stiletto network. Instead of a book, we will be discussing the latest from the Harvard Business Review on Diversity & Authenticity. We provide a fun environment for amazing women to get together, drinking and talking.

Because that is how the real important stuff gets done.  

We are fortunate to be able to gather in the beautiful offices of Winston & Strawn LLP, and in conjunction with our friends over at Fringe Professional Development!

THURSDAY, May 10 - 6:30-9 PM @ Winston & Strawn

200 Park Avenue

MetLife Building

New York, NY 10166

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Diversity & Authenticity


Many minority members fail to understand that their career mobility can be affected by their colleagues’ feelings of familiarity or closeness with them. Even those who do understand this can find building workplace relationships across racial boundaries difficult. Being one’s true self, disclosing elements of one’s personal life, and forming social connections are harder when attempted across a demographic boundary such as racial background. Helping workplace relationships flourish among people of differing races may require special effort.


The authors suggest several strategies that organizations can use to make employees from varied demographic groups feel comfortable engaging with one another: (1) Recognize the role that structure—such as formal icebreaker games or having a leader introduce everyone at a gathering—can play in easing the discomfort of free-form socializing. (2) Adopt a learning orientation by asking open and curious questions that demonstrate that being different makes someone more valuable. (3) Consider creating a buddy system of informal mentorship, in which more-experienced employees help facilitate social relationships for new hires.


Organizer of NYC Harvard Business Review Discussion & Ladies Night

And Our Host for the Evening

Event FAQ:

  1. Do I have to have read the entire article?
    No! Just come ready to discuss how diversity and authenticity impact your work life. The blurb on this page is a great and quick overview too!

  2. Is there a formal discussion?
    We like to keep it casual so there isn't a "formal" talk given at the event, it's more of a discussion. We will discuss the article and how you see it reflected in your working reality. We love having a robust conversation with participants but you can also just listen if that is more your jam. 

  3. Can I invite friends/colleagues?
    YES! The more the merrier - until we run out of space of course. 

  4. Is there a cap on attendance?
    This event will be intentionally intimate in size but we hope that you will reach out to a few folks in your network who might enjoy this type of conversation and ask them to join the fun!