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We're all leaders, and it's on us.

Dear friends,

I believe that the key to elevating quality of life for all citizens of the cosmos is leadership. The ability to inspire yourself and others to be, achieve and serve better than they ever thought possible is perhaps the most important skill a person can master.

Don’t wait to call yourself a leader until someone else does, or until you’re “in charge” of a P&L or a team. You are the CEO of your own life. And you have an impact on other peoples’ lives, no matter what your career or life circumstances are. We live in a connected, networked, social world—therefore we have an impact, in every moment. It can be positive—or not.

It’s on us to decide. And then do that. It’s that simple, and it’s that complicated. And nobody impresses me more than those who decide to be good leaders, to be a force for good in their own life and for all the lives they touch.

I think this is why I call myself a leadership coach and not a life coach or a career coach. Because we are all leaders. And if you’ve committed to being a good one yourself, or developing more of them in the world, thank you. Truly. We need more people around the world doing the same.

Good leaders take three responsibilities very seriously: They take care of themselves. They take care of others. And they take care of business. (Although that doesn’t have to mean “business” in the money-making sense. Rather, they do what needs to be done in the short- and long-term to fulfill on the first two priorities.)

And the truth is, very few people are born able to master all of these. For most of us, developing our leadership is a journey. One where we look honestly at all facets of our impact, learn to make the most of our innate strengths, and also push ourselves in ways we need to in order to have a more positive impact.

Commit to learning these skills: how to improve the quality of your own days; how to coach, collaborate with, connect, empower and influence others; how to spend your time on the things that really matter.

It starts with us—all of us. Let’s do this thing together,